Monday, August 4, 2008

write an essay of at least 250 words on "How UiTMT students can improve their English"

First of all, UiTMT can improve their English using a few steps. One of them is, if UiTMT student need to improve their English, they need to start it from the upper level such as lecturer, staff, guard and so on. if they start from scratch, it will be more easier for others, especially for student to practice. It is because they don't feel any burden.
Secondly, they need to bear in their mind that it is important to conquer English skills. It is because nowadays the technology is changing and they need to learn English to face it or they will be leaved behind.
Next, if UiTMT want to improve their English, they need to practice it in their daily life from their daily spoken till their daily business. By doing this, they automatically can improve their English skills, then can help them to conquer English skills better.
Last but not least, UiTMT also can attend an awareness campaign, base on how important an English in our life. By doing this, the others will be more alert and start practice it in their daily life.
All in all, if UiTMT want to improve their English, they need to start it from upper level, then flow to the bottom level.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Today is Monday..and today is the Corporate, i learn about simple present tense and enjoyed my friend's presentation..for the conclusions, BEL 260 class is so enjoyable..that's all..thanks..

Monday, July 14, 2008


Welcome to my world..!!!Now you are in heartagram's area..enjoy yourself but remember!!!!!!Nobody can escape when enter this scary??????'s too late...Tadaaaa!!!!Just kidding!!!!

My name is Nursyafeeq b Mohamed Mustapha a.k.a Prince Villo..This is my first experience in producing a blog.That so scary...Hehe..but I'm enjoy it..Now!!Times to know more about "The Prinz"!!Firstly, i was born on 25th December 1986 in Kepulauan Sulawesi,Jawa Timur..and then, my family bring me to Bintulu,Sarawak bumi Kenyalang and we stay there for 6 years..i'm so lucky because we stay at semi-detached house and not 'long house' lucky boy!!