Monday, July 14, 2008


Welcome to my world..!!!Now you are in heartagram's area..enjoy yourself but remember!!!!!!Nobody can escape when enter this scary??????'s too late...Tadaaaa!!!!Just kidding!!!!

My name is Nursyafeeq b Mohamed Mustapha a.k.a Prince Villo..This is my first experience in producing a blog.That so scary...Hehe..but I'm enjoy it..Now!!Times to know more about "The Prinz"!!Firstly, i was born on 25th December 1986 in Kepulauan Sulawesi,Jawa Timur..and then, my family bring me to Bintulu,Sarawak bumi Kenyalang and we stay there for 6 years..i'm so lucky because we stay at semi-detached house and not 'long house' lucky boy!!


MissSyaz said...

I thought you're really born in Jawa..Which one is true about you in your intro?

guitarkid said...

actually, i was born behind your house la miss..we are neighbor..we are from same can u forgot touching..when we are little,i always bought u vanilla you remember that time???